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Welcome to Northfields Travel Clinic

Ideally located next to Northfields Piccadilly line train station, close to London’s Heathrow Airport, our Northfields Travel Clinic provides a range of travel and non-travel related services.

Committed to serving patients with a professional and sincere attitude towards their healthcare needs, we aim to provide our patients and customers with comprehensive information and guidance about their travel health and well-being as well as heartfelt support and service.

We are here for you

All our staff are extremely friendly and continuously work hard to maintain and promote a high-quality customer and healthcare service that is accessible to all individuals.

We have a team of consultant travel experts who offer the most up-to-date and tailored advice and treatments.

We remain patient-focused and offer easy access to a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

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Jaydev Varsani

Providing Expert Travel Care

Jay has over 12 years extensive experience in a range of travel and other medical conditions, and he has trained under the supervision of some of the worlds most renowned travel experts.

He has had the opportunity to work with the Royal Free department of tropical medicine and is a member of the international society of travel medicine, working towards one of their renowned Travel Medicine awards.

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